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Thermal Spa

The spectacular scenery placed in front of the entrance is like being in a different world; welcome to the Thermal Centre where you can experience and enjoy the hot breath of the volcano Epomeo which is magically transformed to relief.

Trained staff, following the indications of medical specialists, will exploit the full potential of a raw material of high quality, transferring the essence of the island of Ischia in the guests of the Spa Centre.

The natural muds are obtained by mixing with care and passion , the thermal water rise from below the grounds of the island of Ischia in the land of fire between different elements.

Inhaled vapours derived from geyser erupted to give breath and anger of the volcano Epomeo, tamed to cleanse the respiratory system.

The wild nature available to cure and to prevent various physical problems and to strengthen the body .

At the Thermal Centre of the Miramare Sea Resort and Spa, modern workshop of natural healing and wellness.