Find your balance, enjoy the moment.

Treat yourself with our facial and body treatments and the exclusive products of the line “Bio Thermal Aphrodite”, based on thermal water of the island of Ischia and Made in Italy.

The effects of our treatments are maximized by the relaxing and draining characteristics of thermal waters rich in mineral salts, such as sodium, potassium and chlorine.


Bring the benefits of the thermal waters always with you.

The body and face products of the “Bio Aphrodite Thermal” line are formulated with the precious natural active ingredients present in the plants of our hydrotherapy park.
Each product is formulated with the salt water bromine bicarbonate alkaline of our spa, to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Bring the benefits and scents of Ischia with you, and make your moments of well-being unforgettable even at home.

A few days to purify yourself, regain your balance and energy and bring your body back in shape.

Don’t do it by yourself, let our experts lead you on a journey to rediscover your physical and mental well-being.